Friday, March 11

A Friday-night, Calfornia-based ITEM! list

ITEM!: Oh, happy day, my friends! I no longer have tons and tons of grey hair on my head. Malia has expertly and wonderfully covered up all my grey hair with the most delicious shade of brown. We tried to add some purple in there, but I didn't want to have anything bleached, so we thought that it may or may not be bright enough. And I don't think that it is, but that's okay, I've decided. As long as it's not grey, I'm a happy camper.
ITEM!: My brother kinda picked an ideological argument with me tonight regarding abortion, and he did his best to mansplain to me how Republicans don't really have problems with abortion and how I'm "confused" with my facts. I'm in a bit of a snit about it still, only because I hate, hate, hate talking politics with my brothers because we're on such opposite ends about everything, and they tend to look at me and talk to me like I'm still a little 9-year-old girl who they think doesn't know anything. And I know abortion rights, and I won't be condescended about it. So that's that.
ITEM!: The car issue from Wednesday seems to have resolved itself, and I didn't have to take it in to the VW dealer this morning. Typically, I'm super skeptical of a situation or problem just fixing, or just being okay. This isn't any different. Apparently, the kid that changed the battery left the power source unconnected too long and the computer had a fit of some kind. The random dashboard lights are the result of that. So, he told me to bring the car in to have the computer reset. But this morning, when I started the car, the lights were gone. Ted, the guy from VW, was all, "Great! You're in good shape!" I'm like, "What? Really? So the computer just needed 24 hours to reboot?" He's all, "Sure; it's all good." And I'm like, "Okay? Okay, I guess." And that was it. I drove the car all day today, and all was fine, so I guess all is good, as Ted said. Still, problems don't self-correct, in my experience.
ITEM!: It rained in Los Angeles today, and the people are freaking out.

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