Monday, February 29

Tiny Thing #591: The bigger, the better

It's late, and I'm tired, but since I can only publish a blog post on February 29 once every four years, I thought I should soldier through some kind of writing. Maybe I'll find another "Tiny Thing" to write about.
Ah, here we go: #591.
Beefsteak tomatoes or cherry tomatoes? Why?
Well, that's an interesting question, for sure. I think I'd have to go with beefsteak tomatoes, because they're nice and thick and tasty, and can be combined with a host of other flavors and goodies. Also, they are easier to slice and dice for recipes of all kinds. But my favorite thing to eat with beefsteak tomatoes is thick, yummy mozzarella cheese slices and a leaf or two of basil, drizzled with some olive oil or something. Second favorite thing? BLT sandwiches. Large tomato slices are pretty integral to the construction of a BLT. Also, Brian introduced me to the delight of tomato slices with just some rock salt on them.
But don't get me wrong, it would hurt to live a life without cherry tomatoes. I like to have a bowl of them in my fridge during the summer because they're cold and juicy, and they pop in your mouth when they're bitten. But when faced with the choice of one kind of tomato forever and ever, I'd roll with the flexibility and diversity of the beefsteak tomato.

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