Sunday, February 7

The big game, a more relaxing day

I really didn't have an opinion about who did and did not want to win the Super Bowl today. Indeed, I was okay with either Peyton Manning or Cam Newton walking away with the Lombardi Trophy. But as the game progressed, it became clear to me that while Cam has years ahead of him to win the Super Bowl, this probably was Peyton's "last rodeo." And with every score, I was happier with the possible result. So, don't tell anybody, especially since the frickin' Broncos fans booed my quarterback during the pre-game MVP celebration, but I was really pleased to see how happy Peyton was at the end of the game.
I tend to enjoy Super Bowls when my team isn't playing, as they are much less stressful to watch. As much as I would rather have watched my own team win, it was a secondary, or third-rate, satisfaction to know that Peyton will probably retire on a career high.

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