Monday, February 8

Pink is the pinkiest color of them all

The awesome pink quilt is, as I've said, a bit too light. It's a very pale pink. I would love for it to be a shade of pink brighter. Mom and I talked about it, and she suggested that maybe I could dye it pinker. Sydney and I went to Michaels and bought some pink fabric dye, and so now I've got it.
But I'm totally afraid to do it. I mean, wouldn't you be? I have this totally awesome but slightly too light pink quilt. What if the dye process messes the entire thing up? That would totally be my luck, let's be frank about that. I bought three packets of the dye, as that's the right amount for a quilt that size. And I'm going to use one packet at a time, in order to slowly change the color.
But, having said that, and figuring out how to do this incrementally, I'm still having no part of it. The dye will sit on the counter until this weekend, when I may or may not actually use it. It's ridiculous to be so scared of this.
Pink is such a fun color; it's not scary!

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