Thursday, February 11

Out, damn light!

And because today is just the day for it, my car popped a “check engine” light this afternoon.
I mean, yes, of course I knew it has been due for a check-up for a while. For about 3,300 miles, in fact, but really. I need a break for just a while longer, wonderful car. As it is, the Jetta hit 100,000 miles several weeks ago, and it was due for a service then. I’ve been avoiding the cost aspect of it, because me, but then the sweet, little monster went ahead and gave me a message I couldn’t ignore anymore. I refuse to drive a car with a light on the dashboard. It freaks me out like no one’s business. The car seems to know this.
So this afternoon, after work, I’m taking the darling creature to the shop, where I will insist on the bare minimum being done to it to get it in good, working order. “What is the least we can do to get the light to go off?” That’s my mantra for tonight and tomorrow. And then it’ll go on credit, because me, and I’ll continue to push it to its limits until I can’t anymore. I love that car, you guys, and it would make me happy to know that a simple oil service will take care of my problems right now. But, as with any light on the dashboard, I guess we’ll just wait and see

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