Friday, February 19

Or at least it had better be

I must be feeling better, because I just spent my entire evening futzing around my house, picking things up, putting them down, placing them other places, and even doing some light (very light) dusting. Sydney and I have a plan, somewhat, for tomorrow, and I'm eager to spend the day at home doing her things and getting my own things in order. I feel like the house has just been laid to waste for the last 10 days, and I'm antsy in the pantsy to get it back to normal again.
Also, I had a good day today, and I've got energy, so I'm ready to get the weekend going. I did take some NyQuil though, just a couple minutes ago, to ensure that I get a good night's sleep. No need to take any chances with some bad sleep with minimal breathing, and all that.
So I'm just going to cozy up in my little bedroom in my house (or igloo, apparently), and go to bed, because tomorrow should be a lovely and productive day.

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