Thursday, February 18

"I think I want my desk over ... there."

ITEM!: Sydney's decided that she wants to move the furniture in her bedroom around, and I'm kind of on board with it. I'm not entirely sure that it will all fit where she wants it, but I think it'll be a fun way to spend the morning or afternoon. That, and making bread, which is a real class assignment she got last week.
ITEM!: Beyond all imagining, the vertical blind fix from last night actually seems to be working. The blind is still attached to the half of the clip, and I think I'm about ready to consider the random thing a success. I'm not sure it's a success I'm particularly proud of, because really, it's pretty dumb, but at least it's something that won't bug me anymore.
ITEM!: I'm binging Agent Carter today, for some reason. I had five episodes on the DVR, and I'm down to one as of now. I won't watch the last one, which actually is two episodes in a block from last week, since I really do want to get to bed early tonight. I was up until 11:30 p.m. yesterday, and I felt the effects of that this morning. I want all those hours of sleep again, and I will get them. So, because of that, the latest Agent Carter will wait until tomorrow.
ITEM!: I've got a weekend of chores, tasks and jobs ahead of me, so I really need to feel much better super soon. Time to dose up on my NyQuil and turn out the lights.

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