Sunday, February 14

I heart Valentine's Day, and being healthy

Well, this was not the best Valentine's Day. What Sydney brought home, and what I'm now dealing with, is an upper respiratory infection, according to the dentist. I don't feel like I'm getting anything close to enough oxygen in my lungs, and I can't get a normal breath at all. Huge, deep lung-expanding breaths are the best things ever right now, because they feel so damn good. My nose is all stuffed up, too, which is exactly what the entire fourth grade was dealing with last week. Fantastic.
I'm in bed already for the night, at 9:30 p.m., and I've taken my full dose of NyQuil. So here's hoping a super, full night's sleep will have me in a better place health wise tomorrow morning. I'm not at all excited about taking obvious illness into the office.
As for Valentine's Day, Brian brought me a peppermint mocha to wake up to, and Mom made sure I had an awesome Valentine. B and I saw Deadpool, which was awesome, and then we came home and made sandwiches for lunch. I sat outside in the sunshine for a while though, hoping that I was able to bake some of the sick out of my body. And that was really nice, to lay out in the warmth. Sydney and I did some weeding. It was a good day, that would have been much better if I felt healthy and had some energy.
I wish I could stay home with Sydney tomorrow. Working is a drag sometimes.

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