Wednesday, February 17

I got no love for you, vertical blinds

I have a love-hate relationship with vertical blinds. In that, I hate them. There is no love. None at all.
The vertical blinds in my current home are more annoying than most though, because they must be a hundred years old and they break easily. There is a set of door-length vertical blinds downstairs, at the slider, and about four of them have broken. In Sydney's room, a second of her window's vertical blinds broke just yesterday. I replaced one of the vertical blinds in there with one from the office some months ago. Brian and I replaced the second one with another vertical blind from the office tonight. The guest room is in possession of all its proper vertical blinds. The office, because of Sydney's faulty vertical blinds, is short a few.
The vertical blinds in my bedroom though, are the bane of my existence. Picture it, a large, three-paned window, that opens on both ends. The vertical blinds, of course, open from the middle. From the middle. Figure that out! Show me the genius who installed that crap, and I'll show you someone I'd like to smack. So when the windows are open, I've devised a very sophisticated method of holding the vertical blinds to the side with a binder clip. Anyway, one of the vertical blinds in the middle of the window had broken some time ago, and I, in turn, broke the holding clip when trying to replace it, so there has been an irritating and visual gap in the window's coverage for a while.
I decided, based on Sydney's need for a replaced vertical blind, to fix the vertical blind in my bedroom tonight, too. (This is becoming a long story, ridiculously.) The broken clip can not be removed, even after I watched several YouTube tutorials, so I was stuck trying to finagle a solution. I had thought tying the vertical blind to the half a clip with duct tape, but that was too sketchy. And then Brian was all, "Hey, do you think we could just glue it?"
We have Gorilla Glue. We glued it. I managed to not get my fingers stuck, too. It's being "clamped" with a paper clip right now for the evening. So we'll see how that goes in the morning, I guess.

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