Monday, February 22

Emergency cookies is a thing, you know

I just ate the last three Do-Si-Dos in the sleeve. I still have another box in the freezer, but it is for emergencies, so it'll have to hang out for a while. (Typically, the emergency cookies get unfrozen in the late summer, so I'll look forward to digging into them then.) Did I tell you guys about the awesomeness that is the Girls Scouts' Cookie Finder app? Because I meant to. Because an app that helps you find Girl Scout cookies is among the most fantastic things ever. Because of the app, I've managed to make a couple purchases, and we've been flush with cookies this year. Brian's swimming in Samoas, and Sydney's Trefoils are plentiful.
Still, it's sad to eat the last of the cookies available to me right now.
I'll be seeing you later this year, Emergency Do-Si-Dos.

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