Tuesday, February 9

Classical ladies don't do duck lips

ITEM!: I added this picture to my Facebook profile as the cover photo because it's awesome. I love the cheekiness of it, you know?
ITEM!: I think I'm breaking up with Grimm. I had two episodes on my DVR, which I watched last night, and I was dismayed ... dismayed! ... to see that the insufferable character of Juliet is back on the show. I mean, really, the character was all over the place, and Nick's entire purpose on the show became all about her. I had thought that, with her death at the end of last season, we would have more and different plot lines. And I was happy about that. But then, a couple weeks ago, Juliet returned in the guise of "Eve," and I sighed audibly. The last two episodes were all about Juliet, and I was unhappy. So, depending on how this coming Friday's episode goes, I may be removing that show from my queue.
ITEM!: It's been springtime in February here lately, with high temperatures in the desert of the mid- to high-80s. Tomorrow is supposed to be 86 degrees. My windows have been open, and the fresh air is kinda moving around (there's minimal breeze), so that's good. Still, isn't it wintertime? I could totally go for a few more weeks of cooler temperatures. But it looks like days in the 80s going into next week.
ITEM!: You see what happens when I stop blogging during the day? Boring and uninteresting posts. I think I'll start writing them in emails and then sending them to myself.

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