Tuesday, February 23

Bye, bye Jimmy; hello Vin!

ITEM!: I feel like I need to be cured of Vin Diesel movies. Last night, I made Brian sit and watch The Last Witch Hunter with me, and while it was cheesy beyond all imagining, I totally dug it, and find myself eager for the sequels that probably will never come. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I’m afflicted with something, because there’s not a single Vin Diesel movie that I can’t bypass, especially if they’re crazy sci-fi movies, like all the Pitch Black films and stuff. What’s the what with that? I have no idea.
ITEM!: My puppy is irrationally afraid of weird things. Tonight, even though I closed the bathroom door, he still ran away from the sound of my hair dryer. I don't remember ever blowing the hair dryer at him, so I don't understand why he's afraid of it. He's also afraid of my snapping open trash bags (which is actually kinda understandable, because I did shake them at him a few times), but he's also quick to run away when I snap out clothes from the laundry before hanging them. It's cute and funny, sometimes, but really, it's bothering me because I don't like when things scare him.
ITEM!: I've officially broken up with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It's off the DVR series recording list, and I'm feeling freer about it. I haven't watched the show in several weeks, and have been deleting it day by day from the queue. Tonight, I was finally in front of the downstairs television when I remembered that I didn't want to watch Jimmy Fallon anymore. And now I won't even feel bad about deleting them, because they won't be there to be deleted.
ITEM!: When I see teases for my local news stations and their 10 p.m. broadcasts, I feel really glad that I never watch the local news. An 11-year-old boy found some guy naked and "showering" in the kid's own backyard with a garden hose? Ew. I'm okay not knowing about that.

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