Wednesday, January 6

Wait. What's that? I *need* new shoes?

I rediscovered recently that I have a whole bunch of shoes. I have been, up until a few days ago, living a very Toms And Flip Flops lifestyle. That lifestyle served me well, but now that I’m working, I’m getting pretty tired of wearing Toms every day. (Flip flops are not an option, I don’t think. But I’ll be able to decide that for sure when summer comes around.) Before this week though, I was wearing my Toms every day, and only a single pair of sneakers that are comfortable and kinda cool enough for work.
But the day before yesterday, I was checking out my closet, having decided I did not want to wear Toms in the weather, and rediscovered the Work Shoe box. The box is glorious, with loafers and mules and all kinds of cool things for my feet. I wore an awesome pair of Dansko loafers, with a plaid on the outside that day. Yesterday, I wore my hiking boots, because it was raining, and I’m wearing them again today. I have a boatload of Dansko shoes, I’m reminded: a black pair, a brown pair, a cordovan pair, and that awesome plaid. There may be some others in there. I’ll have to check again. Also, I have a tremendous selection of beautiful leather loafers by brands that Howie used to afford for me.
And while the current widening of my shoe options is huge and impressive, I am woefully short on sneakers. Large walking tennies and workout shoes, I’ve got. And I always used to have the sneakers to wear for everything. I have one pair now, and they aren’t very comfortable. I need to up my sneaker game, STAT. I wish I was comfortable in Converse or Vans shoes. They would be ideal. I’m intrigued by the fact that Nike bought Converse and supposedly made them cushier, so I may investigate those in the next couple weeks. And I think there are sturdier Keds to check out, too, because they used to give me shin splints something terrible.
So that’s it then. It’s time to find Work Shoes. Awesome!

Also, it should be noted that I bought these particular hiking boots (pictured, above left) while I was in college. I'm going to say 1992 or 1993. I love them, and they have been very good to me. The insides are falling apart, but the outside is still functional and they look better because of the wear and tear, I think. These are the boots I wore to work today and yesterday. ... The boots are 25 years old. ... Older than a significant portion of the staff were I work.

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