Monday, January 11

Slippers belong in the house, not at work

I’m accidentally wearing my slippers at work this afternoon. I am more uncomfortable with this than you could possibly imagine. I hate, hate, hate wearing slippers out of the house. I cringe when I have to step a single foot outside to water the plant at the front door, or even go in the garage, and will always change into “outdoor” shoes to even take the trash out in the backyard. To me, slippers belong inside, and nowhere else. The fact that I had to walk across the parking lot in them, and then will have to go into the bathroom here in them, is giving me very real anxiety.
I went home at lunch, as I do, and the first thing I did was change out of my shoes (which are slip-ons) and into my slippers. I made my lunch, did my random things, moved the laundry around, and fell down a shame spiral when I realized I hadn’t packed Sydney and snack or water for the day. I was upstairs hanging shirts when I realized that I really needed to get my ass out the door. So I hoofed it into the kitchen, grabbed my stuff, and bolted out into the garage. I was parked in the parking lot at work, and had turned off the car and stepped to exit when I realized that my feet were encased in a striking red color, rather than the black and white shoes I’d been wearing.
Oh, I considered turning around and going home, for sure. If I had another five minutes, I definitely would have. But as it was, I needed to get back into the office. I hated walking across the parking lot. I slipped in through the door in Leslie’s room and confessed to my inappropriate footwear. She told me they just looked like Uggs to her, and to not worry about it. I’m all, “But they’re SLIPPERS. I can’t wear them OUT OF THE HOUSE.” Again, she told me to forget about it, but that she would pick on me whenever she felt like it.
So here I sit, basically trapped at my desk, because I don’t want to walk anywhere not my house in my slippers. Again, I am having anxiety.
I think I may stop at home to change shoes before I go pick up Sydney after school, too. I can’t walk along all that sidewalk and into the cafeteria in my slippers. The sole is very thin, though at least it does have one. I guess I’ll just deal with my slippers for today, and wash the soles tonight when I get home. Yes, I’ll have to wash them. Not washing machine wash them, but use one of those Costco disinfectant wipes on them, to get all the work and school germs off them. Yes, I’ll do that.
I’ve figured out how I’m going to fix this, apparently, but I’m still having an issue with it. The slippers are a concern. They are weighing on my mind, and I’m struggling.

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