Sunday, January 3

Rethinking the baking for Christmas

I need to rethink the baking strategy for the holidays around here.
Currently, in my kitchen, we have a surplus of sugar cookies and fudge. We are woefully short on Chex mix, Christmas cake, and cherry pie. The recipe for the sugar cookies is a large one, and even with Mom taking a bag of them home with her, and after I took a pile to work, we still have a large amount of them hanging out in a container on the counter. I think I may put a bunch in a bag and then freeze them. As for the fudge, well, no one eats it but me. Mom may have a piece or two, but I'm the only person who really snacks on it. Brian doesn't like it, nor does Sydney. So there's a lot in the fridge, but I'm eating it all, which is not the course of action that I prefer.
The Chex mix, which Mom made, disappeared super fast, and I'm missing it terribly. The cherry pie, which we bought at Village Inn (a place that makes delicious pies, I'm telling you), also was gone in a puff of smoke. The Christmas cake that we ordered at the bakery was good, if a bit frosting heavy, and got stale quickly, so that's in the garbage, too.
As you can see, we run heavy on desserts in this house, and that's okay with all of us. Having said that, I feel like we could probably plan better for the holidays next year. No fudge, sadly. Maybe doubling up on the Chex mix, and getting a second cherry pie will be a good bet. Halving the sugar cookie recipe will definitely happen, as well. I'm thinking half of the peanut butter cookie recipe will be a good addition, though? I'll be considering all this throughout the year. But right now, this moment, I'm regretting the fudge.

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