Saturday, January 16

Pretty pictures, no more vaginas

I've had my pretty, pink quilt on my bed for all of three days, and it already has a small spot on it, because dogs. Oliver has a super sensitive wart on his shoulder that will bleed over any little thing, and evidently, he rolled over onto it while sleeping last night, and he bled on my pretty, pink quilt. I'm bothered, but obviously, I can't expect a pretty, pink quilt to stay a pretty, pink quilt when I have two dogs.

Also, I just discovered something pretty awesome that, as a parent of a kid on the Internet, I should have discovered and enacted a year or so ago. I have turned on "SafeSearch" on Yahoo!'s search engine. It's been bothering me a lot lately that when I do image searches for my blog posts, I can put in seemingly innocuous phrases like "pretty pink images," and end up with several photos of girls with their vaginas all out and open, with and without penises in them. It's disturbing, to say the least, when all I'm looking for is a photo of pink flowers or something, and I get an eyeful of vagina from girls that I can't confidently say are consenting, sober or older than 18. Typically, if a search has brought up images such as that, I clear the computer's page history before shutting down, because the last thing I need is Sydney wondering why I was looking for "princess" images and finding several cartoon drawings of Ariel getting pounded from behind by Eric, you know? Tonight's search grossed me out, and suddenly and vaguely, I remembered that there is such a thing as parental controls on online searches. I found the SafeSearch function, turned it on and locked it, and then was very pleased to discover that a second search for "pretty pink" images yielded zero vagina. ... Honestly, even though I say I'm doing it for Sydney, I'm really doing it for me, because I don't care to see that stuff. Because like I said, who knows if those girls are consenting, sober adults when those photos are taken .. and yuck. I'm kicking myself for not enacting this particular safety measure way before now.

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