Thursday, January 28

New news is good news

Hot on the heels of my anti-Kardashian-Jenner rant, I’ve got bigger fish to fry. Apparently, Yahoo! decided that I really shouldn’t have the option to dismiss even those articles, and changed the entire makeup of their home page. Now, in an effort to “connect” their home page to the youth zeitgeist, they’ve set up every article to be able to go viral. You can comment, sign-in to like, reblog on Tumblr, and share and/or tweet each article. What you can’t do anymore is dismiss the article from your news feed.
Forced with this issue, and not wanting to learn another new Yahoo! page, I have moved on to something else. And in that, I have discovered the Google News page. My friends, it is glorious. It’s remarkably free of hype, if I can say that. It’s got small photos, headlines, and links. That’s it. Interested in a story? The headline did its job? Click on the link, and you can read the article.
Also, I can personalize what news sources I prefer, and what topics I want most to read about. It won’t let me remove Kardashian-Jenner from my page, I don’t think, but there is so much other information that I can gloss over them super quick and it doesn’t even bother me too much. I’ve got my own pages for space, books, movie reviews, weather, NFL, Day in Photos, Hollywood, wildlife and environment. All good things, and all interesting things to me.
I’ve removed the Yahoo! bookmark from my browser. … My Chrome browser. … Oh my gosh, you guys, I think I may finally be becoming a disciple of Google.

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