Friday, January 8

Lately, I'm rolling my eyes at you, too, Fallon

I'm refalling out of love with late night talk shows. Does that make any sense? I'm feeling very much the way I did when Leno and Letterman were on television, kind of. I mean, I really disliked Leno and Letterman. I don't feel that way about Fallon, because more times than not, he's totally adorable. But honestly, it's been weeks since I sat and watched any episode of The Tonight Show. As for Colbert, and this pains me to say, I can usually take him or leave him. And you know how much I love Colbert! It just occurred to me a couple months ago that most all the awesome bits that happen on those shows are linked on my Facebook via Entertainment Weekly the next day.
I was thinking about pulling the Series Recording of The Tonight Show and The Late Show. I write that as I watch tonight's The Late Show, for sure. And I'm giggling at Colbert. So, I guess I'll keep the series recording and check the shows out when I want to, or I'm bored, or I hear about something amazing happening. I wonder if this restlessness regarding the late night shows is a direct reaction to my working. I have less time to watch television now, and have less patience for fluffy stuff.
But still, I'm mostly over Fallon, and kinda over Colbert.
So there's no resolution, and I'm back in the same place I was at the beginning of this post.
This was a bad story.

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