Sunday, January 17

It really is beautiful music, you know

I'm obsessed with the Beautiful Instrumentals (820) radio channel on DirecTV.
I can't tell you how I landed on it, probably just looking for something relatively soothing to have on as my background while doing some computer work (actually, I can tell you how, apparently). But as there hasn't been any other real television to watch over the last few weeks, the music channel has stayed on every night. It's super relaxing, and nice to have such a chill background noise going on. I especially like it when I hear something I recognize, such as "Three Coins in the Fountain" just a bit ago. The music allows me to concentrate on the task at hand, whether it's reading or writing. Also, if I choose to watch something on the DVR, the channel just disappears into the background to be there when I'm done. It's reassuring, for certain.

UPDATE: SafeSearch continues to work. No vaginas were seen in the search results of "pretty music" for that image.

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