Thursday, January 21

Tiny Thing #6: If not here, then there

In my stocking on Christmas Day, Santa Claus left me a totally awesome little book designed to give me ideas here and there for blog posts, called 642 Tiny Things to Write About. Since I seem to be lacking in inspiration at this very moment, I'm going to try it out.
As there are no page numbers or ideas numbered in the book, I've had to figure out my own way of keeping track. Remarkably, it is by numbering the ideas myself. Herein, #6:
Where would you choose to be exiled?
Since being exiled technically means being pushed out of your native country or land, I need to consider where I would choose to be if not in the United States. I would select Australia. Mom, Howie and I spent two weeks there in 1996, and it was fabulous. I loved it, all of it. Every different kind of environment, from desert to rain forest. So many different and interesting animals. And just the beauty of it all. No kidding, if Trump is elected, I may self-exile my ass to Australia out of protest and disgust. A friend told me that the Australian government won't let you emigrate with any debt to your name. This is concerning, certainly, because I have a lot of debt.
What three essential items would you take with you?
First and foremost, of course, would be the family: kid, mom, husband, dogs. Second, would have to be my phone, so I can take photos, blog my adventures, Google Maps my way around, communicate with all my other loved ones and bug them about visiting me, and probably check in on Facebook everywhere. All those wonderful things can be done with the little device in my pocket, and that's pretty amazing, don't you think? Third, my reading glasses, because to not be able to read would be awful.

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