Tuesday, January 5

Target is going to be awesome this weekend

ITEM!: Sydney got her first tentative invitation to a sleepover birthday party today. Her friend wanted to know that if she was invited, if she would be able to go. I don't know this little girl's parents, but I know the parents of the other little girls that are going, and honestly, if they're cool with it, I'm cool with it. ... I say that, but I'll want to meet them first, of course. It was super cute the way Sydney asked me, though. "Do you think I'm old enough for a sleepover?" I told her that she was, and that made the rest of the conversation move along how she wanted it, but no doubt she questioned her maturity when I told her she couldn't take Bear with her. She is not impressed with that, at all. The party's in February though, so she's got time to wrap her head around falling asleep without Bear, on purpose, in a strange house. I'll have my phone on me at all times, for sure.
ITEM!: My birthday list for Target is coming along splendidly. I see a pink quilt in my future, bought with a gift card and a good-sized coupon. Also on the list are all the fun, pink accessories I see and want, and the turquoisy rugs and towels for Sydney's bathroom. Also, boring stuff we need in the house, but mainly the fun stuff. I think I'll visit Home Goods and Barnes & Noble, as well. What a fun Saturday for me!
ITEM!: That's all for tonight. I got a new computer at work, and it's taxing my brain a bit. Though it shouldn't because it's an Apple, but I'm still having to learn something new. And that takes me more time now than it used to. Which is exhausting.

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