Friday, January 1

Hey girl, aren't you a fancy-looking year

Here we are, the first post of the new year.
I should have all my EXPECTATIONs for the year all ready for you, but I've been reading a book most of the night, so my mind isn't really prepared to delve into that right now. I am thinking on it though, so that will be tomorrow night's post. ... Additionally, Sydney is in bed with me right now, all snuggled up and puffy-eyed, because she had a "Daisy moment" that had her in tears earlier. Personally, I think she was just super tired from being up so late last night. ... Yes, she stayed up until midnight for the first time. She was very, very proud of herself, and in fact, declared that she would be staying up until 3 a.m., as well. I put the veto on that, much to her dismay, mainly because I was so tired. ... We picked the oranges off the tree this afternoon, and filled up three bags with them. I swear, the tree is breathing a sigh of relief tonight because so much weight has been lifted from its branches. There were so many more oranges that we thought there would be. To be sure, we knew that there were only 20 growing on the tree, and that it would be a lean year for citrus in the desert. Alas, three bags. Good thing I took the juicer from Mom's house last year. Home-grown orange juice with my Pinnacle whipped vodka, friends. ... It felt good to read a book today, since my reading has certainly slowed down now that I'm working all week. I need to cut back on my television watching so there's more time for reading. That is not a resolution, because I love my television stories.

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