Wednesday, January 27

Get them off my feed, PLEASE

Not until you try deleting Kardashian-Jenner stories from your news feed do you realize just how many stories about the Kardashian-Jenners are online. Here I am, living life on my Yahoo! home page, and I can not get away from these people. I indicate “less of this” all the time in my feed, but the damn click-bait headlines continue to show up. They will not go away. I also delete the Kanye West bits because they’re mostly about the Kardashian-Jenners, too.
I am in loathe of this “famous” family, and I can not avoid them. If you live on the internet for any amount of time every day, you will get exposed to them.
I think the worst thing is that if something bothers you to the core, there is actually no way to avoid it. Where is the list of key words that you can input on your computer that will ensure that you won’t see any articles about that thing? Like my friend, SafeSearch, but with topics? I would put “Kardashian,” “Jenner” and “Kanye,” right up there atop it. I would consider putting “Trump” there, too, but that’s such a train wreck, I kinda have to keep up with what going on with that. I honestly can’t think of any other words that provoke as much ire in me, so much that I can’t think of a context in which I could stand reading them, as those.

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