Monday, January 18

Does anyone ever really win a debate?

I can’t help but feel like all political debates are like kids getting into arguments on the playground. They all just kinda yell at each other, no one really understands what they’re saying, most of their statements are just sorta true, and the actual point of the “conversation” gets lost among the kerfuffle.
Full disclosure, I don’t watch the debates anymore. As a rule, I hate listening to people argue on television, whether it’s politics, sports, religion, or anything really. I can’t stand it. To sign up for a couple hours of watching some normally contained and stable people devolve into arguing like elementary school kids is not my thing. Nor do I read much about the debates after the fact. Perhaps I only click on the fact-checking articles, since they are the only real things going on up there. 
But every morning, on my news page, I am subjected to so many images of the debaters, arms spread and gesticulating, angry and offended looks on their faces, and I am reminded how very smart I am to not watch all that garbage. It’s interesting to me because presidents don’t debate. They take in all the pertinent information (or at least, they should), and then make a decision. Beyond the campaign trail, debating is moot. So it interests me how people in the voting populace think that the debates could possibly show them how a person will lead the country. If anything, it shows how someone wins and/or loses an argument at home with their spouse. That’s how emotional and sometimes heated these people get, in my eyes anyway.
This morning’s news feed, with its five or six articles on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, is hurting my eyes and heart. I hate that our political system seems to cater to the lowest denominator of theater and continues to host these things. It would be nice if the issues were themselves the only things people were interested in, rather than watching adults argue and insult each other. Their ability to do that, and “win” even, is not super presidential, I don’t think.

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