Monday, January 11

Awful woman wants advice on stealing

I read an article this morning that has bothered me a whole lot. It’s one of those write-in advice columns, but this one in particular focuses on money issues. This person and her new husband are both in their second marriages, each has children. Hers are grown, and his are still quite young. As part of his divorce decree from his first wife, the husband had to set up a $300,000 life insurance policy and name the two small children beneficiaries, to be enacted should he die before the children have both turned 23 years old. The policy itself, apparently, has the new wife named as the beneficiary. Her question, to the advice column person, is: if her husband were to die, would she really have to pay these kids the money, since she’s the listed beneficiary? What are the legalities involved there? To his credit, the advice guy didn’t immediately tell her what a selfish bitch she is, and instead pointed out that, yes, she will have to pay the kids the money because the divorce decree supersedes the insurance beneficiary information. The fact that the divorce decreed the policy, and that he has the exact policy, takes precedence.
I can not believe that this woman would be so blatantly evil and selfish with her thinking. I mean, honestly, lady, you are this guy’s second wife. Those kids are his children. They are entitled to that policy from their father. Even if her motivation was to be sure that the first wife didn’t get any of the money, it’s none of her damn business what those children do with it once it becomes theirs. If they get the money after they turn 18, even their mom can’t do anything with it. And besides, who does this woman think she is that she would win in a legal argument over something like this?
Honestly, all I can say is that I hope those kids’ mom happens to read that particular advice column, and calls that guy right quick to be sure that all the paperwork is in the right, working order. Because that second wife is not to be trusted.
As the child of divorce, I am really offended by this lady and her question. I’d be pissed if my stepmom, when she was my stepmom, tried to pull any of that garbage. I’d expect my stepbrothers to have been pissed if my mom had tried any of that. How second marriage participants can roll into a relationship thinking that their “claim” to the person’s inheritance is more important than the first marriage’s children is beyond me.

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