Monday, January 4

Ah, I see you, pre-menopausal body changes

When I talked with my doctor about changing up my birth control pills this year, she suggested the lower estrogen, static-leveled dosage every month. I think I told you about that. My concern was any mood swings and whatnot, but she reminded me that the switch is supposed to lessen my chances of cancer and stuff. Happily, the change in estrogen level hasn't caused any undue mood swings, weight gain or crazy acne.
You know what has changed? My period this month only lasted eight hours. I remember my doc telling me that I may stop having periods on this pill. Well, I remembered her saying that this morning, after my period ended crazy shorter than normal. And I thought, "Huh. That really did happen. Weird." Of course, this could all fall apart should the menstruation decide to start up again, but that probably won't happen, because it just won't, and that would be much weirder.
So this month's period lasted a matter of hours. And I didn't have any cramps or hot flashes either, now that I think about it. Could we have discovered the miracle pill that will keep me emotionally stable, physically even-keeled, and menstrually barren? I think we may have. That's pretty exciting!

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