Wednesday, September 30

It's a baby hippo, you guys

My head is pounding right now, due entirely to my pre-menopausal menstrual cycle. And also how all of a sudden I get headaches from using a tampon. So, in light of that, we (my woman parts and I) will be shutting down relatively early for the night.
I spent my afternoon putting up almost all of the Halloween decorations. I've got more work tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 29

It looks weird in photographs, doesn't it?

I have discovered the ridiculous beauty of having a container of sour cream in my refrigerator at all times for any reason. Typically, my life has been a very purpose-centric existence when it comes to sour cream. Need it for dip? Buy the correct size and container. Need some for dollops on tacos? Get a little thing of it.
But then I had lunch at my sister in-law's house a couple months ago. She had the most glorious thing in her fridge. It was one of those quart-size sour cream buckets "for whatever I want it with." I thought, what? That's almost forbidden and decadent. Are you kidding? Sour cream for any reason?
A couple weeks ago, sour cream was on sale in my grocery store, and I was pleased as punch to pick up two pints for the price of one. (They were not about to expire, either!) And I've been adding sour cream to a whole lot of goodness over the ensuing weeks.
Potato chips are even better dipped in straight sour cream. I dipped my chicken nuggets in sour cream for dinner tonight. I've used it for my tamales (a logical choice, to be sure). I was pleased to dip some pretzel crisps in it, too. ... The chicken nuggets were an inspired choice, I should tell you. I'm really proud of myself with how well that experiment turned out.
I will never live without sour cream in my refrigerator again.

Monday, September 28

Sure, I'll throw in with Trevor Noah

Tonight, we watched the very first episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
Spoiler alert, it wasn't too bad. Noah started off with just the right amount of reverence towards his new position as Daily Show host, and began his tenure by thanking the legend who had hosted before him. It was really well done, as I expected it to be, knowing that a majority of the current Trevor Noah Daily Show writers are the former Jon Stewart Daily Show writers. Having said that, you can still hear and feel a different vibe to the broadcast's content and delivery. It's not a bad difference, not at all. Just a different difference, if you know what I mean.
Thoughts: his interview style can use some fine tuning, of course. He's already said that he just needs practice and confidence in that regard. His delivery is good, as it should be, what with him being a comedian who is used to words. And he's totally adorable, so there's that.
We will, certainly, be sticking around for a while. I think Noah will get better with experience, and within the next several months, he'll hit somewhat of a stride. I wouldn't expect him to have the same ease of nature as Stewart had in the last several years any time soon. The comedy is still there because, sadly, the fodder is still there.
So, color me pleased, as I'll continue to be a Daily Show enthusiast.

Sunday, September 27

"... wasn't too terribly bloody..."

ITEM!: We went outside tonight to check out the blood moon and eclipse. We saw the eclipse, certainly, but the moon wasn't too terribly bloody from our little space in the desert. We checked out the moon at various times throughout the evening, and weren't disappointed by our view. As eclipses go, it was pretty impressive and beautiful.
ITEM!: I finished a most delightful book tonight, The Secret Life of Violet Grant, by Beatriz Williams. The characters were very well written, and the plot and finale were ideal to the spirit of the book. I get so mad at myself when I let a book sit for so many days before I even crack it, because of some random trepidation to get into it. This book was well worth the wait, which makes me even madder at myself for procrastinating.
ITEM!: September is over this week, and I'm getting excited to put up the Halloween decorations soon. I need to clean my house first, of course, because it's unseemly to put up pretty decorations in a dusty home. So that's my plan for tomorrow and Tuesday: to do the random cleaning up before the big project. Sydney is beside herself with excitement. Not only for the holiday, but also the closeness of her birthday.
ITEM!: Because I'm very susceptible to advertising and suggestion, I'm super hungry for Panda Express for lunch tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Saturday, September 26

Don't mind her, she's thinking about life

This is me, if I were a Peanuts character, because Internet.
Notice the brown hair pulled back into the pseudo-bun atop my head. Notice also that there are no strands of grey. Not permitted. She has porcelain skin, and should not be out in the sun for too long at any one time. She's wearing a striped shirt and pants. Pants, not jeans, because the jeans looked too blue and ridiculous. Also, she's wearing tennies.
I think she's pretty rock-solid awesome.
I enjoy these little Internet games whenever they pop up. They prove that "the man" can be both entertaining and fun. And that marketing departments can still intrigue and tickle us.

Friday, September 25

Celebrating her day our own special way?

Today is my mommy's birthday. I was able to post a ridiculous, fun picture of her, Sydney and I on Facebook, and it garnered a lot of attention for her. Which was my goal. She was showered in happy birthday greetings all day, and she should have been. I almost feel like my job was done well this year.
Also, we saw Everest. I had no illusions that it would be a happy-go-lucky story, since really, no mountain climbing and Everest movies are, but the reality of the ending was a bit ... disheartening. I had, foolishly, hoped towards the end of it for a nice, Hollywood-y ending. But it was not to be. I hate being all SPOILER ALERT, so I won't say anything more. But it was based on a true story, which made it harder to reconcile. But I will tell you that another one of my movie boyfriends was in it: Sam Worthington.
Also, we tried out the new Denny's in the area. It opened just days ago. Brian prefers Denny's to IHOP, so he was pleased to see the place under construction. For lunch, he had some big breakfast platter. I stuck with a two-item sampler: mozzarella sticks and chicken strips. I also had a strawberry shake with it. Brian ordered a side of grits, which really were quite good.
The whole day was a good way to celebrate Mom's birthday.

Thursday, September 24

I don't like bugs in my bedroom

There's a small moth flying around my bedroom right now, and I'm in a fit about it. I almost got it about three times, but the little ass keeps flying away at just the right time (for him). I will not sleep well until the little bug is found and killed. And I'll have to do it myself because Brian is both asleep and jumpy of bugs. I haven't seen it in several minutes, but I know it's still here, plotting its next fly-by. It's taunting me. And I swear I can feel it everywhere at once.

Wednesday, September 23

Space movies are awesome

ITEM!: I'm watching Star Trek, the 2009 version, starring one of my movie boyfriends, Chris Pine. (Did you know he was in Smokin' Aces? He was totally not hot in that movie, but it tickled me that he'd been in one of my random violent faves.) Now, because I'm watching this beauty, which really is a good movie, I'll watch its sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, tomorrow. Young William Shatner, for the longest time, was my favorite Capt. Kirk. I'm super pleased with this new -- since 2009, anyway -- Kirk. We need to hang out again.
ITEM!: Have you see then trailers for The Martian? Doesn't that look like it's going to be such a great movie? I don't typically get super excited for Matt Damon, but this story looks fantastic. I think we'll be seeing this one on the first day it's out.
ITEM!: But as it is, Brian and I have a fascinating selection of movies to choose from for Date Day Friday. I'm drawn to The Intern, Everest, and Sicario, but not so much Black Mass. It'll be cause for negotiation, of course, but I'm up for either of the first three. I'll probably see The Intern on my own next week though, as it'll be one that Brian won't really care to see in the theaters. Sicario and Everest are both pretty heavy, but I'm down for them.

Tuesday, September 22

And with that craziness, Christmas has begun

In what may be a development of epic proportion, I have started composing my Christmas shopping list for this year. It's all Cooper's fault, really. He chewed up last year's Christmas stocking chewy to the extreme that it was all sharp points, and he'd hurt himself on it. So I threw away the old one, and went to the pet store to pick up a new one. Well, while there, I saw two other nifty toys for his stocking this year. I bought them, and with that, started my Christmas shopping.
This is ridiculous, you guys. It's, like, September.
But in that minimal start of my task for the year, I couldn't drop the other ideas I had floating around in my brain. This afternoon, I grabbed my trusty legal pad and started my list. The list, of course, begins with Sydney. I had a couple ideas for her. And one thought for Brian. And a couple ideas for Mom. And I found something for Brad and Lisa, too.
I'm also starting to formulate my budget and saving plan. It begins with the paycheck that lands tomorrow. I will have my Christmas nest egg, and I will not be denied or irritated about it this year. It seems like mid-September is a good time to start on it.
But really, my head is all, ALREADY??

Monday, September 21

Family Game Night ideas aplenty

I love that Facebook is an excellent place for brainstorming and crowd-sourcing ideas. Sydney has decided that we need to extend the playing field on Family Game Night. We don't have Clue or Monopoly, which will be added, but I wanted other ideas, too. So, I asked Facebook. My friends did not disappoint. I have a ton of ideas and suggestions. Only a couple weren't a good fit for us, so I have a very long list of games to check out. I did read up on them online this evening, and am eager to check out the prices soon. (I think Sydney and I will go do some shopping on Wednesday.)
A few that caught my interest: Ticket to Ride, which was suggested repeatedly; Apples to Apples, which is one that Sydney has been asking about lately, too; Scattergories, which is fun; Scrambled States, which looks cool and educational and fun; Yahtzee, which has math, I think; and perhaps Blokus, which is strategic and colorful. Some of those will have to be played when other people are visiting (*cough* Mom *cough*) because they require a minimum of four people. Other ideas were a bit advanced for the 8-year-old still. But most were excellent, and I'm excited to see what we can come up with for our game cabinet.
I rediscovered my own Rummikub and Taboo games, as well. I've got an awesome Trivial Pursuit, but it'll be some time before we can play that with Sydney. So, I think, once Sydney and I do some shopping, we'll have some excellent new choices for fun.

Sunday, September 20

Sunday, football and sofa, Sunday

While I love football Sundays, I am not a fan of the feeling of tired, unproductivity associated with sitting on the sofa all day. Here it is, 10:30 p.m. I'm tired. My eyes are sagging. I'm yawning. My neck hurts from whatever random angle I held it most of the day. My ass is very sofa-cushion-esque.
Today was great, but I can't help feeling like it was a bit of a waste of the day. I would have preferred some kind of activity beyond moving from the sofa to the bathroom, to the upstairs and back to the living room at times throughout the day.
While I'd love to sit and really whine about it all, we did have a few cool things happen today. 1. My Patriots won, and I got to watch the game, because Brian and I decided that we can't really deal with football season without NFL Sunday Ticket. I was able to subscribe online, and they had our access up and running less than a minute later. Technology is super. 2. Our local Hawaiian barbecue place made us some kick-ass dumplings and chicken katsu for lunch. Also, they switched out the cabbage for rice on my plate. They made me a happy girl. 3. Perhaps most awesomely, I got to FaceTime the second half of the Emmys with Andrea, and we were able to dish on the people, clothes, winners and goings on. It was fantastic.
Sundays are such a mixed bag for me. Terrific, great stuff, and then crushing, depressing inactivity. I look forward to cooler weather so I can hike the trail in the morning, at least. Today was both a bust and the best.

Saturday, September 19

My first big read, and gateway drug

The first Jackie Collins book I read was Lucky. I was 12 years old, and it was during the first summer I was allowed to stay home by myself during the day rather than go to camp or anything. Mom had the book sitting on her headboard in her room. I mean, look at the cover there. How does it not intrigue and tempt a girl? It doesn't. Not at all. But I picked it up anyway, and read it in secret and on the sly every day. I have no idea how long it took me to finish the book. All I know is that it was/is an incredibly inappropriate book for a 12-year-old to read.
I spent the next several years of my life catching up on all the Jackie Collins books in existence. I was obsessed for a super long time. I can't tell you when exactly I stopped reading them religiously, but it was some time in college, I think. Or maybe after. Like I said, I don't really remember. I'm trying to remember why I stopped reading them. I think because I stopped liking one of the main characters. I still have my treasure trove of paperback and hardcover Collins books.
The weird thing is, with the release of her new book, The Santangelos, I had decided to catch up on what's been doing in her universe, and added that book to my library reading queue. I had a bunch to catch up on first, of course, but have this one in my phone, just to be sure I remembered to dig into them.
So, as you can imagine, I'm pretty heartbroken to hear that she died today, of breast cancer. She didn't tell anyone, not even her famous sister, Joan, until two weeks ago. She died surrounded by family and close friends, as is befitting.
She was an incredible author, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I mean, come on, Hollywood Wives? Gold. Lovers & Gamblers, Hollywood Husbands, and Chances were great. One of the things that I enjoyed most about her, as a writer, was that she wrote all her novels in long hand on legal pads. Isn't that crazy? Even in today's world, she was old school, with paper and pen.
I'll always remember her as the catalyst for my obsession with reading. Who knew that books could be like that? Who knew that authors could write stuff like that? She opened my eyes, friends, to all the good and bad that could reside between the covers of a book. She'll always have my gratitude for that.

Thursday, September 17

It's not the time for that yet, damn it

Last year, there was a very elaborate Santa Claus display, activity center, and visiting place in my local shopping mall. The lines to see Santa in this mall can usually run quite long in any year, but with this new display place, they were really ridiculous. But this particular set-up also invited parents to make reservation times for when they'd like to have their child begin the Santa experience. When Brian, Sydney and I decided to visit, we actually made her reservation for 40 minutes from our arrival, just so we wouldn't have to wait in the line. The reservation moved us to the front of the line, certainly, but we still had to wait the 40 minutes, and entertain ourselves, until her time.
Anyway, today I received the most offensive e-mail I'd gotten all year.
It was an invitation to reserve Sydney's date and time for her Santa Claus experience.
Of note is the fact that today is, in fact, SEPTEMBER 17.
Not jumping the gun a little, are we Santa experience place? Not eager to be sure you get our money at all, are you? I'm beyond annoyed that it's this e-mail, and not some stupid commercial on television or a Christmas carol played at an inopportune time to remind me that Christmas is coming faster than I think it is. I'll hold on to the e-mail, of course, for November, when it would be appropriate to begin scheduling Christmas activities such as this.
This e-mail has unsettled me. And made me pissy and anxiety-ridden.

Wednesday, September 16

An update on not having a job

1. The interview I went to a few weeks ago, that lasted two full hours, sent me a delicious e-mail this morning about not wanting me.
Hi Kimberly:
[Organization Name] wants to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing for the [Job Title] position. This letter is to let you know that you have not been selected for the position.
The [Organization Name] Publications team greatly appreciates the time you took to meet with us and we wish you much success in your job search.
Thank you again for your interest in our organization.
And that's the end of that. A bit informal to be all, "Hi," but that's how they do it these days, I guess. It's nice to be friendly when crushing someone's dreams for a decent paycheck, yes?
2. I filled out a super involved and thorough application for another organization that I would really, really enjoy working at. It's a place that's actually close to my heart, and I'd love to be a part of it. The job position itself is a little off track from my normal thing (it's a marketing job), but I know I can still be a viable member of their team. I filled out all the little online boxes and stuff, and even wrote (I paraphrase): "Seriously, give me a shot, and I'll be a great asset to your team." Let's see if the straightforward approach there will get me anything. I've been wanting a job at this place for a super long time. I hope the interview comes through, because I'll crush it.
3. Well, she makes looking for a job a lot more glamorous, doesn't she?

Tuesday, September 15

Homework not on paper

So this is something new for the parents of kids in elementary school these days: Google Classroom. Today, I got schooled on the newest format for teaching my 8-year-old kid, from my 8-year-old kid. Required electronic classroom participation is a real thing now, you guys.
We had to download Google Chrome to my computer, then she proceeded to sign herself in to Google Classroom. She's got her own e-mail address for logging in (it's not active for actual e-mails yet), and a password that she's already memorized. There were menus and click-throughs, and all the bells and whistles. I tried to keep up while sitting alongside her, but she flew through the pages and clicks so fast that I could barely register what she was doing.
She submitted some homework on it, as kind of a primer activity, I guess. She kinda showed me around, but was so proud of herself for knowing it all so well, she wasn't interested at all in slowing down too much for me. As for the activities on the web site, she's got a chat function (sorta) with the teacher and her classmates, she can keep track of all her assignments, and she can set up reminders and all that for anything else. As an example, her weekly paragraph is no longer to be printed and turned in, but proofread on the screen and submitted to the teacher's inbox. Granted, saving paper. But really, I miss homework for being homework. But I guess that makes me OLD.

Monday, September 14

An actual picture of the actual tiger

ITEM!: The awesome female tiger at our zoo blew my mind today. She was walking around her area, which is more movement than we typically see during the summer. But she did something so cat this morning. She backed into the pool in her area. She walked along side it, spun her back to it, and then dipped her back feet in. Then she moved backwards, super slow, easing her back legs in, and then her stomach and torso. Then she just laid down, for all of 15 seconds, before getting up and walking away from the water as if the entire thing didn't happen. So cat, right? Loved it.
ITEM!: I think we may have inadvertently come across the new, less-chemical, and not-as-orange macaroni and cheese. And let me tell you something, it's not as good. Macaroni and cheese is a staple in my house. It just is. Deal with it. And a different taste, because it does taste different, will have a big impact on my family. Brian and I tasted it right away. Sydney, thankfully, didn't notice anything. Or if she did, she didn't say anything to me. But I noticed the different "cheese" when I poured it into the pasta. This is a problem, friends. I can't have "healthy" mac and cheese in the house. It doesn't taste as good.
ITEM!: I coordinated my Fall TV Preview with the calendar this afternoon, and I can't tell if I'm excited and eager, or anxious and nervous. I enjoyed my summer of reading immensely, and I'm almost not looking forward to being emotionally attached to my DVR again, and forsaking my books. I realize that I don't have to watch television, but I do like it so much. I know that once the first episodes come along, I'll be totally hooked again, but right now, I'm like, "Noooo, I loooove my boooooks."

Sunday, September 13

Not the actual picture of the actual deer

I work in Waltham, Massachusetts. The drive out to my office is usually nice enough, a straight shot on a couple little highways and byways. This morning though, as I was passing by a usually benign bit of grassy knoll, I spied four deer loping, yes, loping, across the expanse. Two adult and two young deer heading from one tree-laden area to another. They were so serene, and so beautiful. They almost made me forget how ridiculously irritating the woman in the Jeep ahead of me was.

Posted by Kimmie G at 8:00 AM

Do you know what that post is? It's short and sweet, certainly. It's not badly written, either. But can you guess what it is, is?
It's my very first post onto the blog. And it was published 10 years ago, today: September 13, 2005.
Yes, today is the 10-year anniversary of It's All About... . It's funny because I actually remember that day on my way to work, and I remember being amazed by the deer. I also remember almost tapping the bumper of the Jeep ahead of me because I was looking at said deer. But it feels like both a lifetime ago, and like the blink of an eye.
I could bore you with more history of the blog, or I could sound pretentious by ruminating over the impact it's had on me. Or I could just roll along, like today is any other day. Because I'm tired and not alert enough to get too philosophical right now.
"Oh, are you still doing that?" Indeed, I am. Ten years is a long time.

Saturday, September 12

Hook me up with a panini, like STAT

I think I need a panini press in my kitchen.
When Brian and I went out for lunch the other day, we happened on a restaurant that had a chicken pesto panini. It was okay, but I feel like I could have done better. The chicken was decent, but I would have liked more pesto, and maybe a touch less cheese that I didn't know would be in it. A favorite panini is the mozzarella and tomato sandwich at another place.
I enjoy ordering and eating the panini. But more interestingly, I find myself fantasizing about different sandwiches to make. Like, I wonder what a roast beef and broccoli panini would taste like. Or a BLT with mozzarella. Or mushrooms, zesty mayo and chicken. Or peppers, bacon and cheese.
I have all these random combinations rolling around in my head, and I want to try making them. I lack only the panini press, and the exact right bread that slices thick but not too thick. Goodness gracious, you guys, am I hoping for a kitchen appliance? Is that what this is? Weird.

Friday, September 11

There's always room for Daryl Dixon

One of my most anticipated magazine issues arrived in the mail today: Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview. It's really pretty awesome. This year's issue is huge, perfect-bound, and chockablock full of fantastic television stuff. I love this particular issue because I read through it, almost cover to cover, and make my notes, turn my corners, and mark my calendar reminders for when all the shows that I may like will begin, and when the shows I love will return. (Long sentence!)
Today, I did my preliminary research gathering. I read through the pages and made my mental notes on what looks interesting and what I can definitely pass on. The right side of my brain is happy that there aren't too many new shows that I'm that super intrigued by. The left side of my brain is a bit disappointed that some nights may be a little light on the DVR.
Some shows won't be on for several more weeks, so I'll have time to argue the merits of each for a while. I'll debate internally of course, because my process is super secretive, and I can't possibly let you all know what kinds of hoops any show needs to jump through to get my attention for any length of time. Typically though, if a show hasn't captured my interest in its first season, I won't give it a shot in any following seasons. Also, I'm not likely to give a show that I've broken up with (*cough* Once Upon a Time *cough*) another chance, either.
I love fall TV season. I feel like a wallflower, in the perfect dress, with a multitude of suitors asking me if I'd like to dance. And while my card is already pretty full on any given night, I can add or subtract waltzing partners as I see fit.

Thursday, September 10

I like my football team ... a lot

My football team won their season opener tonight. That makes me happy.
I wore my lucky hat, and represented with a shirt, as well. Brian sat on the sofa and cheered along with me. My kid got right back into the habit of not interrupting the game unless during time outs and halftime. And my dog didn't react at all because he can hardly hear me scream and cheer anymore.
I won't discuss the whole deflated footballs debacle, because it's irrelevant. I won't try to defend or justify any of the team's or players' actions. I'm a fan of the team and a lot of the players. I love being a fan of the Patriots.
But it bothers me when people write smack talk on my Facebook page when I'm happy about something Patriots. I comment on how I am glad the whole courtroom drama is over, and I get smack talk. I post a picture of my baby in a Patriots helmet, and I get smack talk. It's disappointing, really. I'm a super fan of my team, but that doesn't mean I cut down the fans of other teams. Everyone has their thing, and I don't think it's up to anyone to try to make a fan feel bad for supporting and cheering on their team.
I'm not about to stop liking the Patriots, no matter what anyone says. Stop writing shit to try to make me feel bad about my allegiances. It's tacky and boring.

Wednesday, September 9

The only heartbeat I don't mind losing to

I don't typically analyze my relationship with Oliver as a win-lose kind of situation. We certainly butt heads about stuff, but on the whole, we're on the same page about things. But then, there's food. I'm a stickler for the old man eating his old-man food. But then, he decides to be all stubborn and stop eating. Not stopping eating entirely, but enough to make me irritated and to get all mama bear about it. His argument, you see, is that he'd rather eat Cooper's food, which is gluten free, and obviously delicious. My argument is that old-man food is better for the old man.
But then he stops eating all his food for the last three days. And I cave, of course, because he's Oliver and he's in charge of everything.
So now, there's a bowl of Cooper's food in the dining section of the kitchen. (I checked, and Cooper's stuff is just as good for the senior as it is for the puppy or adult dog.) Everyone has eaten their fill, and they seem happy with the food situation as it is now. Oliver will get his pills in string cheese morning and night, and we will forgo the wet-food dinners.
So, even though I don't consider us a win-lose relationship, I think it's fair to say that Oliver totally won this round.

Tuesday, September 8

Summer, you brat. Leave here now, please

ITEM!: I keep hoping that, since it's September, it must be time for the weather to cool down. This is not the case outside my home, of course. Outside, it is still super warm. Highs are in the lower 100s, and the lows at night are in the mid-80s. It's that time of year when I start to get really angry at all the closed windows of my home. I want nothing more than a cooling breeze blowing through the house. My obsession with fresh air is no joke, and I'm in a full-on withdrawal right now.
ITEM!: I'm more excited by Sydney's choice of a Halloween costume this year than I have been in a couple years. I won't tell you what she'll be, but rest assured that it's more awesome than the Renaissance maiden of two years ago, Catwoman of three years ago, and only slightly better than last year's jaguar. I didn't say it was particularly original, but I think it'll be pretty fantastic.
ITEM!: I moved some artwork around in my house this morning, and while I'm super pleased with some of my decisions, there are now some empty spaces that are BUGGING me. It now occurs to me that I really should have "extra" art hidden somewhere in the house for these occasions of redecorating. I could go to Home Goods and find something, but I really like my wall art to be specific and mean something. But, I may go there tomorrow anyway.
ITEM!: My DirecTV is lagging and stalling tonight, and it's pissing me off because I'm trying to watch my stories. With it now rebooting, I am denied my Colbert fix, as well as flipping over to watch Bard, the hot guy, kill Smaug.
ITEM!: I just wrote my headline for this post, and I have to tell you something. I had decided that if we were ever to have another little girl, I would want her middle name to be Summer. I like it a lot. Her first name would be Elliot (no joke), because I think that's a cool name for a girl. I'll settle for naming our little girl puppy that though, whenever we get her. I've already secured Brian's support for the name in that respect. Sydney will fight me over it. But I'm the mom, and I win.

Oh, how I've missed you, Stephen!

I've been missing Stephen Colbert on my television so much. My excitement for the debut of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is so acute that I am actually sitting on my bed right now, computer on my lap, watching the end of the local CBS news so I don't miss any of it. I've already set my DVR downstairs for the series record, so if I miss anything, I can watch it again tomorrow.
My fear? Not liking it and/or him. Honestly, I don't think that's really possible, but the flicker of a question is enough to freak me out. I loved his Colbert Report so much, and I know this show will be super different. This is the crux of my issue.
Having said that, the first couple minutes of the show have charmed me already, and I can't stop smiling. Yay Stephen!

Thursday, September 3

Manatee enjoying a sunset

I think it's easy to take a cute picture of a manatee, but it's something amazing to take a beautiful picture of a manatee. This photo I saw on Twitter is fantastic.
There is so much beauty in the world, and so much peaceful goodness. I'm going to use this as my new wallpaper on my computer. It's not as whimsical as snails drinking water, but it's still touching my heart.

Wednesday, September 2

Here she is ... Miss September America

ITEM!: I may have hit the wall on how long I can sit and read something on my Nook. I finished the book, of course, but I have a very definite eye-based headache to show for it. Let's consider the almost six straight hours of reading on the tablet. And the six hours from yesterday. My brain is throbbing, and I feel like my eyes are about to fall out of my head. No more Nook reading for a while, that's for sure. ... It was totally worth it, by the way. That book was awesome.
ITEM!: My morning was spent at Discount Tire, getting a nail removed from one of my tires. It took them two hours to get the tire taken care of, which is beyond ridiculous. I didn't have an appointment, since the tire leaking air wasn't something I wanted to wait a while to fix, so my waiting time was increased exponentially. People wandered in and out of the place, but not me. I was stuck there for a crazy long time. On the bright side, I got all my text and e-mail correspondence done.
ITEM!: Have you seen the new Sun Chips? They're Monterey jack and sun-dried tomato. I wasn't too sure about them, but thought to roll the dice anyway. And I'm glad I did. They're not as flavorful as my dearly beloved and departed jalapeno jack, but they're okay. I can eat the harvest cheddar, or the garden salsa, but neither really float my boat. These new ones are pretty okay. I hold out for the return of the jalapeno jack though, every day, as I stalk the chips aisle of my Safeway.
ITEM!: My jaw clenching continues, unfortunately. Brian says that if I'm not doing it while I sleep, he can't really do anything for me. I need to realize what I'm doing and consciously stop myself. If I did it at night, he could get me a night guard to stop any damage, but my daytime clenching is my own fault, and I can only stop myself by stopping myself. So, I have been making myself more aware, and have been stopping it when I think about it. But the aching continues, and I'm working on it. Because it sucks.

Tuesday, September 1

Use a big word, get a cookie

So, that great book I've been waiting a couple weeks for, and have been stalking my library's web site for, was published today. I was in a snit all night last night, and checking the library this morning was first on my priority list when ... I opened my eyes. And yet still, no book. I've got two other books waiting to be read, but this one was what I wanted to read next, and my head wasn't having any part of reading something else first.
I finally caved to my only-childness and bratty tendencies and powered up the Nook and checked out the Barnes & Noble e-reader site. The book, of course, was there. As was the $10 price tag. I was not amused. But then I remembered that maybe there was a gift card still defaulted to the Nook. And lo and behold, there was! And it was enough to cover the cost of the book! I was DELIGHTED.
And I've been reading and obsessing ever since. It's a 570-page book, and I'm about halfway done already. I'm actually glad I purchased this one, since I'll probably end up reading it more than this one time. I had planned to pick up this series in paperback for my own library at some point, and still will, because this is a stack of books I can't wait for my kid to read. They're awesome. It was a real feat of willpower to put the book down a while ago, and acquiesce to going to sleep. All the better to be awake and reading tomorrow, my dearie.