Tuesday, December 15

"The Voice" made me see Justin Bieber. Not. Cool.

I've never seen Justin Bieber perform before, and I would like to express my profound disappointment to The Voice, for giving me that "life experience." I was fine in my life having never really even heard him sing. And I was certainly fine with never seeing him under a spotlight.
Good god, he's dancing now. Surrounded by mostly naked girls, natch. I think he just grabbed at his groin area. He's touching the hands of the girls in the audience. I hope they have sanitizer. I'm pretty sure he's got lifts in his tennies. Now, he's done. Oh Gwen, I hope you didn't hug him. He's surely crawling in weird pee-in-a-bucket diseases of some kind. Thank goodness that's over.
As for the winner of The Voice, they're just now going to tell me, but I think it'll be Barret, or Jordan, or Emily Ann. Jeffery is too cool for the "people" to have voted for him to win.
And, I was right. Jeffery was fourth. Third is Jordan.
And, I was wrong. Huh. Barret Baber was third. Second is Jordan.
And, I was wrong! Emily Anne came in second, which is awesome, because she seems like a super sweet, genuine girl. But hey you guys, Jordan won The Voice! And then they made him sing the show to its conclusion. That's rude. They're like, "Hey, show pony! Entertain us as if you have no emotions right now!" Totally not cool, The Voice. You're like making the Dancing with the Stars winner dance for their victory, which doesn't happen.
So, The Voice is over, and Gwen and Blake can go on dating in relative quietude.

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