Friday, December 4

Seriously, give us our treats back

Let's talk first-world problems tonight, shall we? Actually, it's a first-world DOG problem.
It seems as though my favorite dog treat bakery, from which I've been buying treats for Oliver (and Daisy and Cooper) for years and years, is no longer selling the nifty little treat bits, and small biscuits, anymore. I noticed a couple weeks ago that my local pet store was not carrying the full flavor selection of the little bits. I asked about the cheese flavor, and was told that they could order some for me, but that he didn't know when the store would replenish in general. I bought the oatmeal/apple treats, and the boys have been eating them. I went to the store again a couple days ago, and again, there were no cheese treats. So I hopped onto the bakery's web site, where I usually and have always ordered the treats before I found them a couple months ago in a shop around the corner from my house, and did some investigating. On that site, all the bits, except for the special holiday ones, are missing from the menu lists. Even the little bone-shaped biscuits are missing.
I'm all, "What the hell? Where are my dog treats, bitches?"
But the computer didn't answer. So I did what the women in my family always do: I wrote a letter. Imagine my irritation in not having gotten a response yet! I'm so annoyed!
I love this bakery. I always have. I am, quite literally, having anxiety about finding new treats for my kids. This is the uncoolest dog thing to happen in a super long time.

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