Friday, December 11

Proactive cookie hoarding for the year

I just read an article online about Girl Scout cookies going digital! And I can't begin to tell you how exciting that is. Brian and I were despondent about not finding any Girl Scouts from whom we can buy some cookies this year. It's weird how they're at every store when you don't have cash, but when you're looking for them, they're like ghosts. We had to live without this year, and it was not pretty. No Samoas for Brian, no Do-S-Dos for me. I can think of nothing better than ordering our cookies online, and using a debit card, and having them land at my front door in a matter of days.
Question: can you order them all year long, or only during cookie season? I imagine it's probably just during the season, otherwise there won't be much of a rush during the few weeks that people can buy them.
There's going to be, like, a ton of cookies in my freezer. There's no better way to be sure we've got enough cookies to last the year.

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