Sunday, December 27

Night nights, Christmas; see you next year!

Hey guys, Christmas is over. It was a delightfully awesome several days surrounding the holiday. In fact, Mom is still here, and I still have piles of presents downstairs under and around the tree. Mom's here because she isn't leaving until Tuesday, but all the presents are still downstairs because I've been too lazy and unmotivated to put them away. Also, because I haven't had the energy to make Sydney and Brian do their own cleaning up, either.
But finally, the dishwasher is empty of random big-meal dishes, and the laundry is moving along as normal. But I have to say, I think I'm still feeling the effects of Sydney's 5:50 a.m. wake-up on Friday. I can't sleep enough the last few nights, and I am not eager to go back to work tomorrow morning. I'd rather stay home, sleep, and mosey through the house putting stuff away.
I count down the days now until I get to take down the Christmas tree and get it out of my house.
And also, counting down the rest of the days of 2015.

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