Saturday, December 19

May the Force be with us tomorrow

It's so late, you guys. I've been up watching the last two episodes of DaVinci's Demons, after we all watched Return of the Jedi. So, lots of stuff on the television screens tonight. Tomorrow morning, we head over to the movie theater early, because we've got tickets to the first showing of The Force Awakens. It's so early, in fact, that I'm concerned that it may be too early for buying and eating popcorn. I think I may soldier through it and eat some anyway, but at least you should know that I have concerns about it.
Brian and I are super excited to see the movie tomorrow, but our kid is not, so I think she may not actually be of our loins. We're trying to explain to her why this movie is such a huge deal, but she doesn't really care. In fact, she'd be totally happy if we left her home and went to see it without her, but I really feel like this is one of those movies she has to see, because everyone at school will be talking about it when she gets back. And she'll maybe enjoy it. I've heard it's good, though I've stayed far away from the Internet to avoid anything spoilery.

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