Wednesday, December 2

Little light, go off and leave me alone

I'm having moderate to severe paranoia right now, based on the fact that the little green light indicating that my computer's web cam is broadcasting, is on, and I can't figure out what it's up to. I've been through the entire computer, performed two disk utility cleanses and a disk verify, and even checked out the activity monitor. I can't see where the computer is having any issues (nor can the computer itself), and there's no excess power going towards any programs that shouldn't be. I do not want to go to the Genius Bar over this, but I can't have some weird thing going on. Currently, there is a sticky note attached to the camera atop the screen. It looks classy.
Anyway, that pushed me down a wormhole of figuring out what all I have on the computer, and I managed to clear another 4 GBs of space on my hard drive. Why are photo files so flippin' large? And why do I have more than one copy of them? But really, I'd still like to know what "Other" is in regards to the nifty storage bar on in the About this Mac window, but I fear that I never will.

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