Friday, December 18

It's finally warm in my bedroom

My house gets super cold at night. We have the worst insulation in and around our windows, so cold air just seeps through them, chilling every room. We have space heaters in Sydney's room (always, since she was a baby), and in the living room downstairs. But lately, the evenings have been especially cool in my bedroom. Even with the two dogs sleeping on, and as close to, me as possible, it's been quite uncomfortable in my room.
Brian's task for today: get a space heater for the bedroom. And did he ever. I have the most beautiful, and effective, space heater in the world, and my room is deliciously comfortable. I have it on a low setting, because it simply doesn't need to be toasty in here, but I am much happier right now than I have been in this room for several days.
It's a good size, too, my heater is, and I'm happy to be living with it for the next couple months.

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