Sunday, December 20

I'm totally awakened to that good movie

Well, that was a totally awesome movie.
Our screening started at 9:10 a.m. We arrived at the theater at 8:40 a.m.
We had to sit in the fourth row of the huge screen.
We were so close that I had to move my head side to side to read the prologue crawl on the screen. We were so close that I spent the entire time pushing my skull into the seat back so I could make the film less blurry on my old eyes. We were so close that I'm positive we missed some of the big picture stuff because it just took over my field of vision and I couldn't concentrate on the whole.
The people in the row behind us brought their two large dogs, who were not service animals, into the theater. One of the men in that little group kept making "jokes" during the previews and into the very beginning of the movie. I was ready to beat them all up, because I was in no mood for anyone's foolishness. Including my kid's, and she gave me plenty of it. I was ready to toss her into the lobby so many times.
Brian and I have to, must, go see it again. I want to experience the entire movie again. And then, I'm going to buy the Blu-Ray. And then, we'll watch it again. ...
But I do want to see it in the theater a second time. It was really good.

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