Saturday, December 5

I'm all girl power tonight, you guys

All the articles that I've been reading lately about how women are basically raised and intimidated into being fearful of making a male stranger or acquaintance mad or think that she's a bitch just by standing up for herself have really been affecting me. I hate that it is indeed a thing where we women sometimes are "afraid" of being perceived as difficult or horrible, and that we let ourselves get pushed around because of it. I admit to that being the case with me every once in a while.
In line at Michaels today, such a situation arose. A guy moved from one line into the line I was in, but behind me. I looked at him, and then looked at the woman behind me. She was the first of three ladies who were standing behind me, waiting their turn. I made eye contact with her, and you know what she did? She just shrugged and made a face like, "Whatever, he moved there, I'm not saying anything." I have to tell you, that made me so mad. All I could think was that the guy wouldn't even try doing that in front of any other guy, or if the lady's husband was with her. It made me so mad. I was so mad that he thought he could just do that, and that no one would say anything, and then, I was furious that the lady behind me actually wasn't going to say anything. So I did.
Me: "There's a line behind me."
Dude with no regard for women in line: "Yeah, but this one was moving faster, so I thought I'd..."
Me: "You thought you'd skirt in front of all the people in this line?"
Douchebag line cutter: "Well, I was in that line, in this place, so I..."
Me: "The line is back there."
At this point, he got embarrassed at being called out for his line cutting douchebaggery. I was ignoring his attempts at justification. He moved back to his line though, saying, "I guess I'll just go back to my line, with my one item."
I ignored, again, but in my head, I'm all, 'dude, you get your one item to the other line, and shut up.' I don't give a f*ck how many items you have, you don't get to just cut in line.
The lady behind me didn't say anything to me, but I could just feel ... FEEL ... the appreciation for girl power going on behind me. And I felt super proud of myself. I stood up to the guy for the girls who wouldn't, and the outcome was favorable to all of us, except the guy, of course. Not that I care how he feels about it. He should know better than to think he can cut in line in front of anyone, whoever they are. And if he thought he could get away with it because all the people in line were women, then he should be ashamed of himself. And maybe he won't do that again.

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