Wednesday, December 30

Going back to work next year

I don't know if you've realized this, but tomorrow is the last day of the year. It will be December 31. And then, the new year begins. On Friday, it's January. Another January. I don't have to work tomorrow or Friday, giving me a delightful four-day weekend to celebrate the beginning of 2016, which is awesome.
I've got that wonderful new-year feeling though, when I just want to clean out my house and get rid of all the old-year stuff. That task begins in the morning, friends, when I can finally take the time to put away all the Christmas presents, and unclutter all the clutter piles in the living room. And since Brian will be at work, and Sydney will only want to sit in front of the computer, I should be able to accomplish that project. With the job, my timetable to do all this cleaning out will be truncated and abbreviated. So that's a new wrinkle. This will be a busy weekend to start off the year.

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