Saturday, December 12

Getting a new doctor for an old dog

Brian and I took Oliver to see a new veterinarian this morning, and it turned out great, because all his old-man issues were addressed, and solutions have been implemented. My laundry list of little things were tackled, but on the whole, he's still in really good shape physically.
Having said that:
Come to find out that Ollie has been in real knee pain for the last few weeks, which is why he's been sitting weird with his left, rear leg sticking out under him. Apparently, that's a classic sign of knee pain, because it hurts him to bend the knee, so he sticks it out straight to be more comfortable. Obviously, this is distressing, so he's now on pain medication that will be given to him, most likely, all his life. And we're fine with that, because the only important thing is that he's not in pain.
He also has a skin infection, which is why he's been licking at his tummy and groin area. He's been developing little red pustules that break open and peel back. They don't hurt, but they do annoy and maybe itch. The fix for that is a medicated skin shampoo for every day. But the vet understands life, and on days that I can't do the shampooing, I have a mousse that we can apply instead. I would say that it's already started working, but I did catch him licking tonight. Though it's the fist time I found him licking since I shampooed him this morning, so that's encouraging.
He didn't present with any eye infection, but we did replace the ointment I have for treating his flair-ups when they happen. The doctor wonders if the increase in eye infections may have something to do with his cataracts. She gave us a referral to an animal opthamologist. I'll keep an eye on the eyes though, and after the next issue, and after I treat it completely and better, we'll see how it goes, and then maybe see the eye doctor.
I need to keep walking him because it'll keep and increase his leg strength, which is no problem. He walked around the whole block with Brian, Cooper and I yesterday, which I thought was too far for him, but he didn't care what I thought and did just fine.
Everything we had on our Problem List was/is manageable, though, which is the best news. He's a healthy, little dude, which is the bestest news.

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