Monday, December 21

Christmas is almost here!

Well, it looks like I may have Christmas Eve off from the job, which is totally awesome. I was initially told that I'd have a half day, but the word came down peripherally that our entire Thursday may be at our leisure. And in conversation today, the publisher only referred to working on Tuesday and Wednesday. So that's fantastic!
Mom arrives here tomorrow, after a fashion, since she's driving here with Clyde, but she'll be in my house when I get home from work tomorrow. That makes me very happy.
The entirety of my Christmas shopping is in the trunk of my car to keep prying eyes away, so I'm at a bit of a loss right now. I don't have a single bit organized, so I'm kinda flying blind with what I've bought and what I haven't. And I don't like working that way. But I don't think I've forgotten anything. I just have a few things that I haven't done yet.
Brian and I are going shopping together on Christmas eve morning to get something for Sydney. It's going to sound weird when I say this, but that'll be the first time we've ever gone shopping together to pick something for her. We have an idea for what we want for her, so it'll be a quick and efficient trip, but I'm sure we'll have fun.
I did some "baking" tonight, in that I prepared the sugar cookie dough for Mom and Sydney to bake cookies tomorrow. We also bought the required ingredients for fudge, and pumpkin spice cake. All the Christmas dinner shopping will be done Christmas Eve morning, after my paycheck hits the bank. As it stands right now, I think Christmas will be a nice experience this year. Oh, I still haven't decided where we're having dinner Christmas Eve. I need to do that, or my mom will get mad.

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