Monday, December 28

At work, with a cute haircut

ITEM!: Mom’s out shopping right now, and I’m stuck at work doing work things. Definitely not shopping with Mom. And Sydney’s with her, and doesn’t even appreciate that she’s out and about, on a Monday, shopping with my mom. Punk kid.
It’s pretty amazing how quickly the sparkle is gone from a job once it starts to seriously interfere with the fun you could be having. No doubt, next week, when Sydney’s at school, and Mom is back in California, all will be well with me being here. But today, no dice. I’m not impressed at all with my current place or predicament. We met for lunch, and that was great, but then I had to leave and come back to work.
ITEM!: I got my hair cut over the weekend, and I’m super happy with it. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this particular length of my hair. I chopped about six or seven inches off, and it’s all bouncy and cute now. I can still pull it back into a hair tie, which is awesome, but it also can be down, and not stringy-looking or blah. All I need now is to color it, and all will be well. I think the tube of color in my bathroom cabinet is brown, so that may be one of Mom’s tasks for her last night here. It’s a sad day when hair needs to be colored, rather than can be colored, you know?
ITEM!: It’s almost 2:30 p.m. Only two and a half hours until release. It doesn’t seem right to be bemoaning the three days that I have to work this week, especially when I only worked two days last week. But here it is: the last hurrah before the beginning of a new year. When we can slack off, knowing that in a few short days, we’ll have to kick it into high gear to get the new year rolling along at a smart and steady clip. And I’m super excited about 2016. All the last several years, and their corresponding EXPECTATIONs, were great and all, but I feel like this coming year, this 2016, is giving us an opportunity to really grab the bullshit by the horns and take charge of our destiny a bit.
ITEM!: I’m eager to dig into the EXPECTATIONs for 2016, for certain.

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