Wednesday, December 9

A Wednesday night ITEM! list

ITEM!: Oliver sees a new vet on Saturday morning, and I'm super excited. We've been shopping around for a new dog doctor for a while, and I finally decided that I would try the place we went to for a silly emergency a couple years ago that I liked. I'm giddy to sit him down with the new doctor and go through the list of issues I'm seeing, wondering about, and dealing with. I look forward to leaving there with at least one antibiotic, a vaccine, and no doubt, a hefty bill. But no matter, it's all about Oliver. And if we like the place, it'll be Cooper's new doctor, too.
ITEM!: I just gave up on half of my magazines, and chucked them into the recycling bin. I have gone through the catalogs, as well, and found them lacking, so they're all in the recycling, too. I kept the InStyles for Mom though, since she needs stuff to read over Christmas. But even in shrinking my pile, it still is too big for my taste. I pledge to read them this weekend.
ITEM!: I need to rewrite our expenses worksheet this weekend, too. With my working, our expenses have increased, if you can believe that. Of course, it's all about the before- and after-school care. That's added $250 to our bottom line. My paycheck covers it, certainly, but I need to adjust the numbers, and my thinking, as to how much needs to go out with every paycheck. Not the best thing to do right before Christmas, but the knowingly skewed numbers, and my forgetfulness, are bugging me.
ITEM!: HBO has been replaying their broadcast of U2's Innocence and Experience Tour show from Paris, and it's been a pretty awesome thing to listen to and watch over the last few nights. It's super soothing, because I love them, and it's relaxing and motivating, because the music is lovely. I have a copy of it on the DVR, so it'll be there forever, if I want. Which I may just want. But it's on right now, and I'm enjoying it.

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