Tuesday, November 10

Wow! That's a long time, right?

The ridiculatta of today is that it is November 10, the anniversary of Brian and I becoming "Brian and I" all those years ago. In fact, it was 24 years ago tonight that he made his first move and kissed me. I shared the significance of the day with him this morning, prefacing it by calling it a "cheesy thing, so don't laugh at me." And that was the end of it. We giggled and all that, of course, but beyond talking about it this morning, we forgot about it entirely. Well, Brian forgot about it entirely. I had thought maybe it would be nice if he brought home some take-out, or even just a yummy soda. But, no. Honestly, it's no big deal. He comes through well on the real anniversary, which is more important, certainly. And in every way, I could have done something for today, too, since it's not all about me. It's about "us," which is a state we've been in for 24 years today.

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