Saturday, November 28

Why is it so much better the days after?

I think the best testament to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner is the constant enticement of its leftovers. I had green jello for dinner tonight, and cherry pie for dessert. The kicker, I decided, was the stuffing I considered eating as my after-dessert dessert. I ignored that particular craving, but that it was a very real craving was enough to remind me that our dinner was awesome. Brian barbecued some fantastic steaks. Mom and I had our green jello. We made stuffing, which is a personal favorite of mine. Also, we had garlic bread, which actually turned out not too good at all, so I may have to make some more at some point soon so I can get it off my mind. There is cheese dip in the fridge that I am eager to reheat tomorrow. Also, a whole lot of chips. And I may have to peer pressure myself into eating some of the apple pie, too. Obviously, we thoroughly entertained ourselves by treating each other to their favorites and best likes for dinner. And it was the best.
Also, Thanksgiving continues to be one of my favorite holidays.
And I may have stuffing and green jello for breakfast.

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