Wednesday, November 11

Who starts work tomorrow? Me. (Yikes)

I start the new job tomorrow, and I'm doing a really bad imitation of someone who isn't nervous. Which means that I am totally nervous. Sydney explained to me tonight that it's exactly like when she goes into a new school, and how it'll be just fine. I'll make new friends and do just fine. It was the exact same speech I gave her every time she started a new school and grade. And I realized that I'm certainly brave enough to do this, and do it well. (I'm still nervous.) It's just that I've been in the same job for the last nine years, and that job was different than the job I'd done for the previous several years, and that now I'm just going back to what I was doing in the first place. So, easy peasy.
What I realized though, as I was preparing the stuff I would take into the new office with me in the morning, is that now I need to learn a whole new office, and that they'll have to learn me. And I'm pretty neurotic, you know. I rub down my phone and computer keyboard every morning with rubbing alcohol to keep them clean from other people's germs. (That's a story courtesy of my martial arts job a hundred years ago.) And I drink a lot of water, which means I go to the bathroom a lot. And I like to have visual reminders of what I like and who I'm working for, which means bizarre accoutrement on my desk, and pictures of my peeps, too. And I'm neurotic. Did I say that already?
Can you believe that one of my biggest concerns tomorrow morning is what travel mug I'm going to put my tea in? How ridiculous is that? I've done my homework. I've got my notes and my notebook ready. I've figured out what I'm going to wear: black pants, blue button up, sweater, black Toms. I know what to make for my lunch (pb & j). I know where I'm going. ... You know what, you guys? I feel like I may be ready. All I need to do now is learn all about the industry, but that'll happen in my training.

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