Sunday, November 1

It's November, friends

I can't believe that it's November already. I think I feel this way every November. It's the second to last month of the year, and since December just frickin' flies by, this feels like the last time I'll have a chance to breathe this year. And then, poof, it's 2016.
The up side is that I truly do love November. I blame Massachusetts for my absolute love of this month, because in November, it starts getting cold, the trees are all turned and the leaves are falling, and Thanksgiving is the holiday of pride. I have such a love for the autumnal-ness of November, that I get super annoyed and indignant at the month and holiday being so unceremoniously pushed aside for Christmas already. Like, come on Starbucks, is it really red cup time on the first day of November? Can't you at least wait until the week of Thanksgiving or right after? I mean, give a girl who loves November a break, would you? Santa Claus is arriving at Mom's local mall on Nov. 6. That's preposterous, really. Too soon.
So I post my November, autumnal avatar with pride tonight. She and I will be rocking the autumn goodness all month, thankyouverymuch.

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