Saturday, November 14

It's just so violent

We just got home from watching the Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm UFC fight at a friend's house. You know what? I hate watching people beat each other up. And it wasn't just because they were girls in the fights, because the first three bouts on the card tonight were dudes, and I shrank away from the violence of that, too. I don't like seeing the kicks and punches connect. It's way different than watching a movie or TV show, because in those, you know it's fake and CGI and makeup. In a real fight, these people really get hit. And they bleed. And they swell up and start turning purple. It's disturbing on every level.
When we first got the invitation I thought, no, I don't want to watch that. But then I was all, okay, we should be social. And Sydney had someone to play with, and Brian had someone to enjoy the fight with. But I sat on the sofa with my hands resting on my brow through the whole thing, just waiting for it to end. Those people hit hard!
But now, knowing the results and how monumental they are, I suppose I'm glad I watched the fight, to see history take place so far as upsets go. And I didn't have to pay the pay-per-view for it.

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