Monday, November 30

I need a picture ... for my e-mails

Here's a random issue with the new job. They use headshots for the magazine's masthead, and on company e-mails. So, like, my work e-mails will have my contact information, AND MY FACE, at the bottom of them. I have an issue with this. I don't think everyone I connect with, via magazine or e-mail, needs to know what my face looks like. It's not their business. I always took some measure of security in the fact that I could talk to anyone and everyone, any day and every day, and they wouldn't know my face any more than I would know theirs. But this company's way of doing things is throwing that all in disarray. Sunglasses are a no go, too, unfortunately. So, I've kinda fallen in line with this special way of doing things, but then I came across another weird problem.
All my selfies, er ... headshots, have a kid attached to my face. Or a husband. Or sunglasses. But mostly, there's a kid there. Which is totally awesome when looking through my pictures tonight, but when searching for something work appropriate, it doesn't gel too much with the professional vibe.
I did, eventually, find something that works for me: a picture Brian took of me at the Grand Canyon last year. My posture is decent, and my eyes don't look like two gaping black holes (which is becoming an issue the older I get. Seriously considering plastic surgery, friends). The smile is okay, too. All in all, it will get the job done, so I can get my job done.
*sigh* ... face pictures on e-mails.
Who DOES that?

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