Tuesday, November 17

I need a bit more personal space

Things I used to be able to do at work that I can't at this particular work:
Make personal phone calls. I was able to call my mom every morning. I could make household and maintenance calls to keep life moving smoothly. As an example, I need to call the vet, and I haven't had a chance to make the call because I've been busy during the week. Well, not really busy, but unable to make phone calls during business hours.
Read the Internet. My web browser was my lifeline to the day's news. As it is right now, anyone can walk by my work space and see what I'm reading. I mean, really, if I want to read all about Charlie Sheen and his health status as of this morning, I should be able to do it. But it's also about being a better-informed person.
Post to the blog. Typically, I would do my morning stuff, i.e., check e-mail, return phone calls, check my RSS feeds, and then I would settle into my day by blogging about whatever attracted my attention the night before, the day before, or that mornings. It made for a more relaxing night, you know, when I blogged during the day. I could leave my home computer shut down all night, and spend all my time and mental energy on things that did not require mental energy.
Enjoy some personal space. My immediate supervisor and coworker sits right behind me. Like, right behind. If I move my chair too far back from my desk, I'll bump into her chair. We can all hear each other typing, for cripes sake. I have nowhere that I can go that is completely mine, even if there isn't a door or solid walls. I like it when I feel like I can sniff and/or blow my nose without everyone hearing me.
Who'd have ever thought I would miss my old-school, dull-grey cubicle walls?

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