Friday, November 20

I do so enjoy Fridays, you guys

ITEM!: Tonight, I initiate a three-game limit on my computer for Sydney. I consented to download Wolf Quest this evening, and suddenly realize that there are three kiddo games in my dock. Three games is a good stopping point, I think. Especially with the small and getting smaller amount of open space on the old laptop.
ITEM!: With me working, Sydney and Brian are spending more time together. He's taking her to school three times a week, and is picking her up from school one day. I love that they're enjoying more time together. But then she called him Thursday afternoon, but didn't even text me. And then, she addressed her reflection journal entry to "Dad." Could she break my heart any more? I won't cry and be sad or depressed, because that would be silly. But, still. I'm glad to be spending the whole day with her, just the two of us.
ITEM!: I had a project to do at work today, and it was awesome. My covert move on taking over the web site content is well underway. I dealt with the event calendar for 2016 today, and made my move to be the contact person for the calendar entirely. My boss was receptive to that, so I've got that taken care of. Also, I'm already working on managing the news. That's going to take a little bit of time, though. It felt good to have a solid project for the day, that's for sure.
ITEM!: I haven't read any of my library books since I started the job, and I'm going through a withdrawal.

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