Saturday, November 21

A great Saturday night, of course

I expect that after I spend an entire month dealing with all the normal stuff I did while not working, while I am working, then I'll stop boring you with all these ridiculous, whiny posts. Tonight, I had to spend my late-night Saturday evening paying bills. No better way to entertain myself on a weekend evening than watching the checking account balance diminish incredibly within minutes.
My usual Saturday night consists of my reading PostSecret (after midnight on the East Coast, of course), watching some stuff on the DVR, and posting to the blog. Sometimes I get too tired to post on a Saturday, but more times than not, where I am every Saturday is where I am right at this very moment. Sitting on my bed, Cooper laying beside me, with my computer in my lap. Currently, last night's Grimm is playing off the DVR. I'm not quite in my pajamas yet, but it's only a matter of tick tocks before I get super comfortable for the night.
My coworkers asked me yesterday afternoon if we had any awesome, fun plans for the weekend. I'm all, "no." I consider my Saturday nights a success if I'm awake enough to post anything here. So tonight, goal met.

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